Plumbrite Solutions offers all aspects of Hot Water design and consultation to residential, commercial and industrial industries. Whether you require a replacement, upgrade, service or new installation, we can provide highly trained staff which will assist for any situation. We are licensed in all categories of hot water including Gas Hot Water Systems, Solar Hot Water Systems and Heat Pump Hot Water Systems.



Electric Hot Water Systems still comprise majority of Australia’s heating methods. It stores hot water above 60 degrees to kill all bacteria so it is readily available for safe and healthy delivery.

Even though electric hot water systems are considered to have the highest running costs, at times they can be the best option for your situation.

Things to consider:

  • What Tariff is your hot water system setup on; huge savings can be achieved by simple tariff changes.
  • Do you run out of hot water, is your system sized correctly?
  • How many adults and children live in the house, are they teenagers?
  • What is your specific delivery capacity?



Gas Hot Water Systems comprise of Continuous Flow Systems (referred to as Instant Hot Water) and Gas Storage Systems. Both have their advantages and disadvantages; more specifically the number of bedrooms and bathrooms within the house specify which system is best suited for your situation.

It is vital that your Gas Hot Water System is designed in accordance with the specific gas system installed at your premises, whether LPG or Natural Gas.

Things to consider:

  • LPG and Natural gas hot water systems lower co2 emissions and are a healthier alternate for the environment than electric hot water systems.
  • Continuous flow systems are modern and only require limited space for installation in tight areas.
  • Gas hot water systems are available as internal and external units.
  • Gas storage systems do not require power, but continuous flow systems require an electrical GPO connection.
  • Recovery rates; which refers to Gas Storage Systems and the amount of water which is reheated inside an hour.


Heat Pump / Solar

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems involve modern day technology which is similar to refrigeration technology. Heat Pumps extract the temperature or humidity from the ambient air and pass through a series of stages including fans, evaporators and refrigerant technology to in turn heat hot water.

Electricity is still required, but not primarily for water heating. An electric back up element is built in when there is no humidity in the air and the hot water requires heating to above 60 degrees.

Things to consider:

  • Heat Pump plumbing setups are the same as Electric Hot Water Systems, so retrofitting is made easy.
  • Split systems can be installed so the condenser is located separate from the storage tank; advantage of not having a condenser near windows.
  • Heat Pumps utilize ambient air to create hot water rather than electricity; in turn, healthier for the environment.